How It All Comes Together

How It All Comes Together


On a daily basis you will be using the following systems.

Daily Systems:

1. YAY – you will be using yay on either your mobile phone or your laptop. Please ensure it has been installed correctly. You will be making and receiving calls from and to leads, customers and cleaners. Do not use your mobile phone!

2. Indeed – You will want to respond to any applicants on a daily basis on Indeed. You will want to re-post new job postings 1/2 times per week.

3. Launch27 – You will want to add new bookings, add new cleaners, manage bookings, charge customers, review time tracking, send out email confirmations, assign cleaners to bookings etc…

4. Outlook – You will want to review your emails and respond to them as and when they come in. Deal with customer enquiries, call leads, review new applicants etc…

Occasional Systems:

5. Website / WordPress – You will want to update your website every few weeks. You can also make any necessary text changes if needed. Add any new leads into your contact form that have not been subscribed to active campaign.

6. Active Campaign – You will want to send out weekly emails to your nurturing list, delete any contacts if needed.

7. Social Media – Weekly posting on each platform / gathering reviews / Posting on job boards on facebook.

8. Marketing – Bark / Thumbtack / Yelp / Yell / Google – Turn off advertising on google if you are not available during your pre set times. Once you have set the information on these platforms they will send new leads via email, manage these leads through your email / phone.

9. Zapier – You do not need to use this at all. This runs automated tasks which we have set-up for you.

Running the business


  • When you are starting to develop your business ensure you have between 3-5 cleaners on-board prior to turning on advertising and manage their expectations.
  • Turn on advertising when you have the required amount of cleaners.
  • Post and send template to people on both Indeed and facebook to ensure you are receiving a sufficient number of applicants.
  • Review your new email hiring funnel applicants on a daily basis and delete any people that are not a good fit. Flag relevant cleaners and call them when you need to re-hire.
  • Do not overhire! Only bring on cleaners when you need them! If you bring on 10+ cleaners all at once you will not have enough work for them and the majority will find other work. You need to gradually hire cleaners as you gradually increase your recurring customer base.
  • If cleaners leave your business / you are running low on cleaners follow the hiring processes to bring new cleaners onboard – add them onto launch27 / whats app and ensure they have downloaded the launch27 mobile app.


  • Review new emails when they come in and deal with them asap.
  • If you receive a new customer request act accordingly.
  • If you receive a new lead through your website or a marketing platform (Bark / yelp / yell / thumbtack) call them asap to book them in / provide them with a quote.  Remember to leave a voicemail if they do not pick-up. If you provide a quote add them to your email marketing chain through your website so they receive emails from your business and also send them an email with their quote on it via your business email. If they book great!
  • New bookings – when you receive new bookings you will be notified via email / you or your virtual assistant may have booked them over the phone – email the job information / message your cleaners with the job information on whats app to ensure the job is assigned.
  • Complaints – deal with any complaints quickly.
  • Voicemails – listen to any voicemails and deal with them accordingly.
  • Hiring Applicants – review applicantrs and flag appropriate cleaners and delete irrelevant applicants.
  • Ensure your folder is kept upto date and tidy.


  • Add new bookings onto launch27. Send confirmation emails to customers if they have booked online once you have found a cleaner.
  • Check the schedule and see if there are any unassigned bookings daily, find cleaners via emailing cleaners using the email teams function when the booking confirmation comes through via email or message cleaners on whats app with the job information. When you have found a cleaner assign them to the job on launch27. If you are unable to complete the clean ask cleaners if they can complete the clean on any other days and re-schedule with the customer. If you are unable to find anyone for the clean apologise to the customer and cancel the clean.
  • Add new cleaners onto launch27 when you set them up.
  • Check customer charge holds daily on the charging tab in launch27, if a hold is unsuccessful call the customer / email the customer and ask them to put sufficient funds onto the card so the hold can be placed / ask for alternative billing information. Ensure holds are placed prior to completing the clean or you risk not being paid!
  • Charge new customers daily, an automated invoice will then be sent to your customers. Ensure the cleaners have completed the clean by checking the time tracking logs / asking them on whats app if they have not check in / out and you have not heard from them.
  • Pay your cleaners every couple of weeks through your online business banking – you can check the pay amounts through launch27. Ensure cleaners have been removed from any cleans they have not completed so they are not overpaid!
  • Delete or re-schedule or any jobs you have not completed / always make the customer aware if they are not already aware.


  • Complete follow up cleans with your customers after their first clean in a recurring series, ensure they are happy and resolve any issues if necessary.
  • Respond to customer emails in a timely manner as they may be asking for updates or may be updating you with new relevant information.
  • Charge your customers after each clean, they will then receive an automated invoice.
  • Update your customers asap if a cleaner is unable to make it to a clean, offer a new cleaner / a new time / discount / re-schedule etc…


  • Manage cleaners expectations when you first bring them on.
  • If cleaners are not able to make it to a job offer the clean out to other cleaners via whats app – if you do not have a replacement for the job re-schedule the clean with the customer. If you do have a replacement ask the customer if they would like the new cleaner to clean their home.
  • Ensure cleaners have downloaded the app on their mobile phone, ensure they are added into a whats app group and ask for their payroll information.
  • Offer jobs out to cleaners via email / whats app – when a cleaner has agreed to a new clean assign the clean to them on the system and confirm they have received it on the app ok.
  • Ensure cleaners are booking on and off at each job consistently.
  • Provide feedback to cleaners where necessary.


  • Ensure new bookings are reviewed and are assigned to cleaners.
  • If you are unable to complete a booking ensure you re-schedule or cancel the clean from the system.
  • Check to see if your cleaners have checked in to the booking at the start time and message them if they have not to confirm they are present / have attended.
  • Charge bookings after each clean and an invoice will be sent to the customer.

Marketing / Leads

  • New leads will be sent through to your email, ensure you call them asap during your businesses hours of operation.
  • Book in your new leads over the phone. Provide pricing and enter their information into launch27, they will then receive an email confirmation.
  • Ensure you leave a voicemail if you can’t get through.
  • Add new leads to your home page form on your website if they have not already been added to your email marketing campaign – if they have already booked you do not need to do this.
  • Respond to Thumbtack / Bark leads only within the first 10 minutes, if you respond later your chances of converting are much lower.
  • If an emergency comes up make sure you turn off google advertising if no one is available to answer the phone.
  • Only set your marketing around times you or your virtual assistant are available.
  • If a quote has been provided send out a manual quote via your business email as this will increase your conversion rates.
  • If you have not been able to get through to a new lead follow up with them the day after and try again!

Phone calls

  • Answer any calls as they come in – prioritise sales calls.
  • If a voicemail is left listen to the voicemail in your email and respond accordingly.
  • Make outbound calls on YAY to new leads / customers / cleaners when required.
  • If you have a virtual assistant listen to their voice recordings and pass on feedback particularly if they are new – they will need more assistance.


  • Update your website every two weeks 


  •  If you receive complaints via email or phone deal with them in a timely manner.
  • Your main aim is review mitigation – ensure your customer is happy with the outcome where possible to ensure no negative reviews are left for your business.
  • If a negative review is left try to see what you can do for the customer to try and get the review removed.


Make sue you are building up your cleaning applicants by following the steps in the hiring process, review your cleaners and bring your cleaners on as and when they are needed – remember do not bring on to many cleaners at once! You need to manage their expectations.

Once new leads come in via email or phone respond to them asap, provide pricing and either book them in over the phone or provide them with a quote, if you are unable to get through leave them a voicemail. If you provide them with a quote ensure you follow up with a quote email.

Once you receive new bookings either online or over the phone ensure they are assigned to new cleaners. You can email your cleaners and message them the information on whats app. If you are running low on cleaners bring more cleaners on-board! If you are unable to find a cleaner for a clean please look at alternative days that the cleaner can do, go back to the customer and ask to re-schedule the clean – if your cleaners can’t complete the clean at all or your customer can’ accept the re-schedule date please cancel the clean. If a cleaner is unable to make it to a clean on the day of the clean try and find a replacement / re-schedule the clean if needed – advise the customer asap. If your customer cancels a clean within your cancellation period advise them of your cancellation policy / charge them where appropriate.

Ensure you are checking your holds on launch27 on a daily basis and follow up with customers if the hold has not gone on. At the end of the day review your cleans, time tracking / ensure cleaners have turned up and charge the customer and an automated invoice will be sent to them.

Pay your cleaners every couple of weeks for the work they have done. Remember to ask for their payroll information. Pay them via bank transfer through your online business bank.

After a recurring / regular customers first clean call them up to ensure they are happy with the service. 

Deal with emails as and when they come in be it leads, applicants, complaints, enquiries, requests etc…

Remember to ask for any help on whats app if you are unsure of anything. For now get started with finding cleaners in your local area, setting them up and bringing them on-board, once you have 3-5 cleaners turn on advertising and then start dealing with your leads and managing your bookings. Gradually increase your marketing spend and your pool of cleaners to meet demand as you gradually scale the business.