Initial Hiring Sources

When hiring your first cleaners we do not want to just rely on indeed, here are several other ways so you can be proactive when hiring cleaners, this will be important in the first week / 2 of initial recruitment to get you a solid base of cleaners.

1. Google – If you type in house cleaning into google and then click on google maps you can then find lots of companies with only a few reviews, some of those companies will not have websites and they will be smaller outfits. You can then reach out to these people and set them up on the mobile app.

2. Yelp – same as above you can login to yelp and then type in house cleaning and then call providers in your area – smaller companies with less reviews and then set them up on the mobile app.

3. Facebook – You can type in house cleaning companies on facebook in your area and you can then direct message the cleaning companies / or call them and state you have a lot of overflow work and you are looking to partner with another company who can take this work on – normally you will be wanting to bring on people that are currently doing the cleaning / small companies with 1/2/3 staff / husband and wife teams etc.

So when you type in house cleaning in your area and then click on pages you can click on the cleaning pages and call them to discuss your work / bringing them onto the mobile app / what they currently do etc and then discuss pay.

When you also join groups you can search house cleaning in those groups and you will see posts from cleaners with numbers etc and you can reach out and call them. And sometimes customers will ask for house cleaning and you will have around 10-20 cleaners messaging them in the comments and again you can message them re that you are looking for more cleaners to help with overflow work and then you can arrange a call and get them set-up 🙂

When you are on the phone with them it is not like indeed candidates, who they have applied for a job these are highly relevant cleaners / with their equipment and they have cleaning experience so are you ideal workers. A lot of these companies struggle to find work / have poor marketing / don’t know where to find work / have no marketing budget / charger $25 – $30 / £10-£15 anyway so when you call them up and explain that you are looking to partner up with cleaners for your local cleaning company, they do not need to pay for marketing and they will be sent jobs via email that they can accept / decline and they will be paid $25 / £13 anyway etc then a lot of them will be happy to sign up – most of them will have gaps in their schedule that you can then fill.