Lesson 1 | How To Add New Bookings

Launch27 How To Add New Bookings


  • Once you have logged into launch27 you can access the booking page by clicking on the booking tab at the top left.
  • Your pricing will already be set on launch27 for you. During your business development we will have researched this for your area.
  • You can access your pricing on the booking form whilst speaking to a new customer by going to the “what” section.
  • Whilst you are on the phone to a customer ask your customer relevant information to populate the pricing. The pricing will be shown at the top right of the booking page.
  • The duration on the booking page will be an estimate of how long the clean will take.
  • When you book in a clean over the phone add the customers information into all of the relevant fields. Once you save the booking the customer will receive an email automatically confirming the booking information.
  • Enter the correct date for the booking.
  • Apply any relevant discount codes.
  • Take a credit card from the customer, this card will be pre authorised 2 days before the clean is completed however your customer will not be charged until afterwards.
  • When booking in a new clean over the phone take alternative days from them so you have a range of options when scheduling.
  • Fill in your staff notes and customer notes with as much information as possible.