Lesson 1 | Keeping On Top Of Hiring

Bringing Cleaners On Board


  • We need to remember that customers are paying us to access our pool / database of cleaners.
  • Post on Indeed daily or every other day and send the templates message to get a steady stream of applicants through your hiring funnel.
  • Refresh your new Indeed advert once or twice per week.
  • Post on facebook groups every few weeks to funnel more applicants through your hiring funnel.
  • Bring on 3-5 cleaners prior to starting advertising in a new area.
  • Review your hiring applicants which have completed your hiring funnel. Flag any appropriate cleaners and call them to set them up as and when you need them.
  • As you wont be doing the cleaning yourself, the service you are ultimately providing is your ability to provide customers with cleaners.
  • If you don’t keep on top of this, we begin massively restricted are ability to grow and fulfill bookings.
  • Complete a few steps each week and make sure you assign some time to this to ensure we can fulfill all the bookings as they come in.