Lesson 2 | Credit Cards

Payment Cards


Important Initial step:

  • To accept credits card – on Launch 27 > click settings (bottom left) > then click stripe (along the top menu) > connect with stripe, then complete the stripe registration form. 
  • Once stripe has been connected click settings > General > scroll down to booking settings, click credit cards. – you will now be able to accept credit / debit cards.




  • We only take a debit or credit card over the phone or online. Do not take any other payment methods.
  • You can set automated holds on credit or debit cards – you can set this by going on launch27, clicking on settings, miscellaneous, automated tasks and then set “put on hold with stripe” – we set ours to over 48 hours.
  • If someone is hesitant with provided a debit or credit card, push the booking through as cash, this will then send them an automated email to show proof that we are a legitimate business. Write on the notes that they booking is not confirmed until they provide a valid debit or credit card. Make sure this is chased up prior to the clean.
  • After each clean check cleaners have turned up to the cleans and charge the customer – they customer will then receive an automated email.