Lesson 2 | How To Add New Teams & Cleaners

How To Add New Teams & Cleaners


  • You can add new teams onto launch27 by going to the settings section and then clicking on the people section on launch27 and then teams.
  • You can add a new team by clicking on add new. Enter your cleaners email, team title, name & phone. 
  • Assign a relevant colour to the cleaner, this colour will then show on the schedule when she is assigned to cleans. 
  • Once you have added a new cleaner they will be sent an email to confirm their account. They will need to confirm and enter in a new password.
  • Once the above has been completed your cleaner will be able to login to their launch27 account / download the launch27 app on their phone so that they can view their bookings, check in to appointments and manage their availability.