Lesson 2 | Posting First Job

Posting Your First Job



  • To post a new job click on “post a job”
  • Follow the video and complete all of the relevant steps.
  • Because you have not posted a new job yet please add your business information.
  • Please copy the below template and change the necessary sections which are in bold.
  • Set your salary settings to either £10.50-£13 or $25-$40 (you can use a range)
  • Please sponsor your first job and set the daily limit to £5 or $5. You will be able to post a job for free after a few days.
  • You may need to upload your identification to approve your indeed account. Please do this immediately.
  • Again Indeed may send you an authorisation email – if they do please confirm your job posting.
  • You will ultimately want both templated adds below running 24/7
  • After the first add has gone live wait 1 day then you can close the add down (reply to all applicants frist) and add a new job using the same criteria for free. 

Template 1

We have customers looking for house cleaning services!

We pay up to XXXXX an hour & are looking for cleaners to complete regular cleaning between the hours of XXXam – XXXpm

If you want to work as a cleaner, here’s 7 reasons why you’ll love (BUSINESS NAME)

  • Earn up to XXXX per hour
  • Choose WHERE and WHEN you work.
  • Choose jobs which suit your lifestyle; continue cleaning for that client on a regular basis to build your schedule.
  • Choose flexible working hours.
  • Manage everything through your online portal.
  • We LOVE cleaners – we’re available to help any time!
  • Quick process, so you can START quickly

Template 2 – add this job posting 1 day after your initial advert (template 1 shown in video above). Use job description “deep cleaner”

XXX are looking for end of tenancy & deep cleaners to complete carpet cleaning, oven cleaning & deep cleaning.

We pay XXX per hour per cleaner.

It is preferred that there are 2+ people when completing end of tenancy cleaning due to the length of the clean (6-20 Hours) so if you have a friend or family member that can assist in cleaning then you are more likely to be accepted.

You must be able to drive, provide cleaning products, complete carpet cleaning and complete oven cleaning.

We are looking for people to start immediately.