Lesson 3 | Creating Indeed Template & Responding To Candidates

Responding To Indeed Applicants


  • Enable 2 step verification, on your indeed account to be able to message multiple candidates at the same time.
  • Click on your account settings (the icon of a man at the top right, then account), then activate 2 step verification. 
  • Go to your indeed dashboard to review how many people have applied.
  • Click on “active candidates” to start responding to indeed.
  • Switch over to “awaiting review” so you do not message the same people twice.
  • Select upto 20 candidates at once.
  • Message all 20 candidates at once and send your templates message. Copy over our template below and save the template for future use.
  • Once you have sent the message ensure all 20 candidates are still selected and change their status to reviewed.
  • Rinse and repeat this process until all applicants have been messaged.
  • Do not directly reply to people on indeed or waste your time replying to their messages. Indeed is a 5 minute daily task. The applicants who are interested in applying will complete your internal hiring form.
  • Every week re-post a new job so that you refresh your job posting.
  • Sometimes you may need to sponsor a job to keep Indeed onside.



Hi {CANDIDATE_NAME} Welcome :)!

Main Body:


Thanks for applying, we are very interested in proceeding with your application.

Please complete our online application and a member of staff will be in touch ASAP: https://yourwebsite.com/hiring (CHANGE URL TO YOUR URL)