Lesson 5 | How To Charge Customers

Launch27 How To Charge Customers


  • You will need to charge customers at the end of each day.
  • You can charge customers by going to credit card icon, then click on charge customers.
  • Once the charge customers page it will show you the cleans you have completed for that day.
  • You will need to check if your cleaner has completed the clean. You can do this by going to the time tracking logs section. If they have completed the clean it will have a check in / check out time.
  • If the cleaner has not checked in or out of the clean you will need to confirm with the cleaner if they have completed the clean. You can send them a message on whats app.
  • If your cleaner did not complete a clean do not charge the customer! Go to the scheduler and re-schedule or cancel the clean.
  • If you cleaner has advised you that they are not going to be able to make it to a clean be sure to call to the customer to re-schedule. Failing to do so will result in complaints.
  • When you have confirmed that the cleaner has completed the clean either through the time tracking logs / or by messaging the cleaner on whats app to confirm that completed the clean (sometimes they will forget to check in) charge the customer. The customer will then receive an invoice automatically via email.