Lesson 7 | Setting Up Candidates

Setting Up Candidates


  • Set-up your new cleaner on launch27 – they wil then receive an email to create a new account
  • Add your cleaner to a new whats app group with you / and your virtual assistants.
  • Send the templated message to your cleaner asking them to download the launch27 app on their phone.
  • Request banking information from your cleaners for payroll.
  • If you need to update cleaners send them a message on whatsapp rather than messaging them on launch27.
  • Your cleaner will need to type in your business provider on the launch27 app – this will be your business name.
  • Ask you cleaner to update their availability on the app.


Hi XXXXX, Can you download the app launch27 to your phone from either the app store or play store. Once launch27 is installed search for YOUR BUSINESS NAME (e.g. maids2us) as the service provider. Then log in using your email address and the password you created when you set up your account following the welcome email you should have just received from us. Let us know when you have done this please. 

Once they have confirmed you can then send this…

If you have any questions please message us on here. 

We are going to now add you to our payrol so please send the following info via whatsapp:
Account number:
Sort code:
Bank Name:

Pay days are on the 7th and 21st all cleans done from 15th – End month are paid on the 7th and cleans completed from 1st – 14th are paid on the 21st

You will manage your own clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis – if you can no longer work a day or are sick please message us on here and we can find cover cleaners.

As discussed if you are unable to make it to work you must make us aware on whats app and then call the customer and let them know you can’t make it to work, you can re-schedule with the customer to a time that suits however please remember your other cleans when doing this to ensure you do not double book yourself. Once you have arranged a new time please message us on here so we can update it on the system to reflect the reality :).

If you have agreed to a clean and then cancel last minute a fee may be charged so please always ensure if this happens you re-schedule another date with the customer and let us know.

We do not accept cash. If a customer provides a key please let us know so we can update the notes.

If you need time off please update the availability immediately and drop us a message on here.

If you have any further questions please let us know :)