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    Business for sale

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    Why choose to team up with us?

    Business for sale

    Business earnings potential

    Achieve financial success with our online cleaning business opportunity. Our system has helped many of our clients earn over $100,000 in sales during their first year of trading.

    Business for sale

    Work from home

    Our online cleaning business can be easily managed around your existing job or from your home office. You can operate your business remotely without the need to physically visit customers or perform any cleaning tasks.

    Business for sale

    No technical experience needed

    Our team will take care of setting up and developing your online cleaning business using our proven business systems and software. You can rest assured that your business will benefit from our extensive experience and expertise.

    Business for sale

    Full training and mentoring

    After the initial development of your business, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to help you achieve maximum growth and success. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have the tools and resources you need to succeed in the online cleaning industry.

    Business for sale


    Each business comes with a 100% guarantee that you will receive a steady stream of leads and cleaning contractors for your business. In the unlikely event that we fail to deliver, we offer a full money-back guarantee. We are proud to say that we have never had to refund anyone due to this policy, providing you with peace of mind.

    Business for sale

    21st century cleaning business

    Our end goal is to provide you with a premium, professional, and well-established cleaning business that is fit for the 21st century. With our system, you can run your business from home or around your job, without the need to meet your customers or cleaners. Plus, with just 2 hours of investment per day, you can achieve your financial goals with ease.

    Business for sale

    Our proven process

    A seamless process from start to finish, our proven steps provide you with a premium, professional, and well-established online cleaning business fit for the 21st century!


    Business Consultation

    After you have signed and returned the contract, we will promptly arrange an initial consultation to discuss important details such as your business name, location, and branding. 

    Our team of experts will work on creating professional logos, selecting color palettes, and designing your website, while also conducting research on your starting location, local competition, and pricing analysis. All of these elements are crucial for ensuring sustainable growth of your business.

    Business Development

    In the following three weeks, we work tirelessly to develop your business infrastructure from the ground up. Within just 21 days, your business will be fully established and ready to launch.

    We will create and set up all the necessary components for your business, including a website, business email, virtual phone line, phone recordings, email automation, login portal for customers, online booking form, mobile app for cleaners, a hiring funnel, and marketing channels. With all these in place, your cleaning business will be fully equipped for success.

    Training and mentorship

    Once your business has been set up, we will provide you with a comprehensive training program to ensure you have a full understanding of how to operate all the systems we have put in place for you.

    We offer comprehensive guidance on how to expand and develop your business, and we provide ongoing support and mentorship throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and tools you need to sustainably grow your business, from the early stages to long-term success. We are committed to being your partners every step of the way.

    On-going support

    After launching your business, we remain a part of your team to provide ongoing support and ensure that your business is running smoothly and continuously growing!

    We provide a comprehensive training program that includes training videos, scripts, voice recordings, and one-on-one screensharing. Additionally, we offer six months of ongoing support to ensure a successful business launch.

    You’re ready to go!

    Ready to take your business to the next level? Our proven business process, software, training, marketing, and mentorship will kickstart your journey and help your business boom! Want to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals? Check out our prospectus.

    Business for sale

    I’ve scaled my business around my full time sales job to $30,000 per month in just 9 months!

    Business for sale

    How it started

    Joe approached Progressive 83 with an interest in starting an online, remote-based business. Initially, he was searching for an existing business to purchase, but after an initial consultation call and demo with Progressive 83’s team, he realized that building a new business from scratch with their help would be more cost-effective and less risky.

    Business for sale

    What we did

    In just three weeks, Progressive 83 created a cohesive brand and built Joe’s business from the ground up, including a website, social media pages, a mobile app, booking form, customer login portal, email system, hiring funnel, and virtual phone line. They provided comprehensive training through videos, scripts, voice recordings, and one-on-one screenshares, allowing Joe to manage his business remotely without ever having to meet his cleaners or customers.

    Business for sale

    A word from Joe

    After launching, Joe received ongoing support and mentorship from the Progressive 83 team, who helped him grow his business faster than he had expected. He was pleased with the results and said, “I can’t say enough great things about the team at Progressive 83. They delivered a turnkey company as promised along with a beautiful logo and website design, but more importantly, they have been there every step of the way when I needed assistance. My company has grown faster than I expected, and I owe it to the Progressive 83 team!”

    Joe’s Success

    Business for sale

    Brand new business

    Joe embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with a freshly developed business that we built entirely from the ground up.

    Business for sale

    $30,000 in revenue per month

    In a short span of nine months, Joe has successfully expanded his business and generated more than $30,000 in revenue, earning a net profit of over $9,000, all while balancing a full-time job.

    Business for sale

    100+ leads a month

    Joe’s business, which we built from scratch, is still growing in revenue. He now generates over 200 leads per month and has over 100+ 5-star online reviews.

    Business for sale

    About Us

    Who are Progressive 83?

    Sam and Justin, the co-founders of Progressive83, first met during their college years, they went on to both study law at university. Following their studies, both pursued full-time careers in the police force. During his time in the force, Sam became a father to his eldest daughter Ava. However, the long and demanding hours of shift work and overtime made him realize that he needed to take control of his life.

    Together, Sam and Justin decided to start their own cleaning business, but it wasn’t without its challenges. They spent a year learning the ins and outs of the industry, making mistakes, meeting customers and cleaners, and developing their business before they were able to run it remotely 100% of the time.

    After figuring out how to run a remote-based business successfully, Sam and Justin left their jobs in the police force and expanded their cleaning business to five cities. They then hired several office administrators to manage the business while they focused on expanding it even further.

    Their experience in building a successful remote-based business inspired them to start Progressive83 with the mission to help others achieve freedom and take control of their lives. Their goal is to empower individuals to focus on what is truly important to them and not be limited by the constraints of the 9-5 grind.

    Unfortunately, Sam’s life took a tragic turn when his fiancé passed away last year. This devastating loss has only made him more determined to help others create the life they want. With the support of his business partner Justin and team at Progressive83, Sam has been able to continue to support his four children financially and work remotely to be there for them during this difficult time.

    Justin is now able to enjoy the flexibility of working remotely while traveling the world with his fiancé, thanks to his online remote-based businesses. He is passionate about sharing his expertise with others and helping them achieve the same level of financial freedom and flexibility. 

    At Progressive83, the team is committed to helping others succeed and achieve the same level of freedom and flexibility that they have achieved. With years of experience in building and growing their own remote-based business, Sam and Justin are passionate about sharing their expertise and helping others succeed. They have already helped over 250 clients worldwide with their proven online cleaning business system, and their team has now grown to over 15 staff members to provide even more support to their growing client base.

    Through their proven online cleaning business system, they provide individuals with the tools and resources needed to start their own successful businesses. From marketing strategies to hiring and training employees, Progressive83 offers a comprehensive solution that enables entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

    As they continue to grow and expand their business, Sam and Justin remain committed to their mission and the values that guide them. They understand firsthand the challenges of building and running a successful remote-based business, and they are passionate about helping others overcome those challenges and create a life that they love.


    Where can you operate your very own online cleaning business?

    We operate in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia and some European Countries.

    Get in touch to find out more.

    Business for sale