Some clients have grown their online cleaning business to over $60,000 per month within their first year whilst working from home or around their job. Guaranteed cleaners and bookings or your money back. 100% remote based. No franchise fees or stock costs.

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    cleaning business for sale

    How we started our cleaning franchise alternative?

    Sam and Justin, former police officers, founded Progressive83 to offer a unique online business opportunity that provides freedom, flexibility, and financial success. They were able to scale their own digital business to over 5 distinct ventures with more than 40 remote workers without ever meeting them or their clients. Now, they’re sharing their expertise and experience with others who want to achieve the same level of success.

    As pioneers in the remote-based online business world, they’ve already helped over 250 clients worldwide, growing their team to 15+ members to better support their expanding client base.

    Progressive83’s mission is to empower individuals to break free from traditional 9-5 constraints and focus on what truly matters to them. Their comprehensive solutions include digital marketing strategies, hiring and training resources, and ongoing support, enabling entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and create fulfilling lives.

    Their journey has been nothing short of inspirational. Sam, after the tragic loss of his fiancé, has found renewed determination in helping others create a fulfilling life while also providing for his four children and working remotely. Justin, now able to work remotely while traveling the world with his fiancé, is passionate about helping others achieve the same level of financial freedom and flexibility that he enjoys.

    As the original remote-based online business opportunity, Progressive83 acknowledges competitors attempting to replicate their model without the necessary experience or resources. We urge those interested in an online business to conduct thorough due diligence before committing to any company. Request existing clients’ websites, testimonials, and the opportunity to speak with current clients, as well as seeking online reviews.

    To give you peace of mind and confidence in our online business for sale, we invite you to join a Zoom call where you can meet our team, see our office, view our software and go through any questions you have. You’ll also have the opportunity to get in touch with existing clients, review our past work, and examine a contract with our company information attached. Trust Progressive83 to help you build a successful online business while providing the support, resources, and experience you need for a fulfilling and flexible life. Complete our form to find out more today.


    I’ve scaled my online cleaning business around my full time sales job to $30,000 per month in just 9 months!

    Business for sale

    How it started

    Joe approached Progressive 83 with an interest in starting an online, remote-based business. Initially, he was searching for an existing business to purchase, but after an initial consultation call and demo with Progressive 83's team, he realized that building a new business from scratch with their help would be more cost-effective and less risky.

    Business for sale

    What we did

    In just three weeks, Progressive 83 created a cohesive brand and built Joe's business from the ground up, including a website, social media pages, a mobile app, booking form, customer login portal, email system, hiring funnel, and virtual phone line. They provided comprehensive training through videos, scripts, voice recordings, and one-on-one screenshares, allowing Joe to manage his business remotely without ever having to meet his cleaners or customers.

    Business for sale

    A word from Joe

    After launching, Joe received ongoing support and mentorship from the Progressive 83 team, who helped him grow his business faster than he had expected. He was pleased with the results and said, "I can't say enough great things about the team at Progressive 83. They delivered a turnkey company as promised along with a beautiful logo and website design, but more importantly, they have been there every step of the way when I needed assistance. My company has grown faster than I expected, and I owe it to the Progressive 83 team!"eam!"

    Joe’s Success

    Business for sale

    Brand new business

    Joe embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with a freshly developed business that we built entirely from the ground up.

    Business for sale

    $30,000 in revenue per month

    In a short span of nine months, Joe has successfully expanded his business and generated more than $30,000 in revenue, earning a net profit of over $9,000, all while balancing a full-time job.

    Business for sale

    100+ leads a month

    Joe's business, which we built from scratch, is still growing in revenue. He now generates over 200 leads per month and has over 100+ 5-star online reviews.

    Business for sale

    Our Online Business Process

    A seamless process from start to finish, our proven steps provide you with a premium, professional, and well-established online business fit for the 21st century!


    Business Consultation

    As soon as you’ve chosen our online business opportunity, we’ll promptly set up an initial consultation to go over essential details such as your desired business name, location, and branding.

    With our online businesses, our team of experts will handle the creation of your professional logo, selection of color palettes, and website design. Additionally, we will conduct extensive research on your starting location, local competition, and pricing analysis. These crucial elements will ensure sustainable growth and success of your business.

    Business Development

    With our proven system, we create a fully established and ready-to-launch online cleaning business in just three weeks. During this time, our team of experts will work tirelessly on developing your business infrastructure from the ground up. This includes professional logo design, color palette selection, website design, and conducting research on your starting location, local competition, and pricing analysis. All of these elements are crucial for ensuring the sustainable growth of your business.

    Training and mentorship

    We offer comprehensive guidance on how to expand and develop your business, and we provide ongoing support and mentorship throughout your entrepreneurial journey for the first 6 months. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and tools you need to sustainably grow your business, from the early stages to long-term success. We are committed to being your partners every step of the way.

    On-going support

    With our online business opportunity, the support doesn’t end after your business is launched. Our team remains dedicated to providing ongoing support to ensure the smooth and continuous growth of your business.

    You’re ready to go!

    Looking for an online business for sale or franchise? We can take your business to the next level! Look no further than Progressive83! Our proven business process, software, training, marketing, and mentorship will help your business boom in no time.

    cleaning business for sale